connecting Linchris employees at 25 hotels

Market segment: hotel & hospitality

Linchris Hotel Management needed to centralize employee communications and they didn’t want employees to be frustrated or bored when they logged in.   So we went for a bottom-up build starting with the end users and created “The Lobby”, a virtual company wide intranet to centralize communications between Linchris corporate and its 25 hotel chains.  Events, documents, announcements all neatly posted, disseminated, archived and managed in true ::play:: style - without a single training or user manual required. Just jump in and it’s so intuitive you can get down to business.  Bocu efficency and employee morale. Not like thos intranets that get overbuilt and no one wants to use them.  This virtual hub is the new Linchris water cooler.



“we love it”
“incredibly simple and intuitive. Thank you. Thank you.”
“You guys completely lived up to what you said you would do”

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